Water slides
Dry slides

Complete modularity, unlimited possibilities, one system for all options in waterslide entertainment.
By using customized standard components, easy installation with little wiring effort.


Basic modul

The heart of the WEAD waterslide technology.
This is where the basic information comes together to ensure smooth operation.

The WEAD Timing Module

– evaluates the sensors
– controls the traffic lights
– connects the slide with the building management system
– includes the remote maintenance
– connects the system to the central operating data server

The sensors are connected to the control system via digital bus. This allows commissioning and diagnostics without physical access. The sensor settings are stored in the PLC, so in case of replacement the new sensor is immediately ready for operation without further measures.

WEAD Wasserrutschen Technik Timing Basis Modul

Our traffic light module is red/green within a light element and is connected with a three-wire cable. An upgrade to the countdown traffic light is possible at any time, the wiring remains the same as a digital protocol is modulated onto the supply voltage.

The timing module is controlled by the building management and provides signals optionally with digital inputs and outputs. Alternatively, the module can be integrated deeper into the control system via Modbus TCP, in which case more detailed information on operating data and plant status is available.

Cyclically and with every event, a data packet is sent to our central operating data server. This ensures a detailed recording of all relevant data, this data is visualized on a website and thus serves both the operator and the plant manufacturer as a source of information.

The integrated VPN-capable router allows remote access to all installed components and enables remote diagnosis as well as commissioning without experts on site. In addition, all optional components are supplied with the corresponding data via Ethernet.

UPGRADES for the timing modul

WEAD Wasserrutschen Technik Upgrade SCOREBOARD


visualizes slide data in different sizes and designs. Use of high quality monitors. Housing with IP protection optimized for harsh environmental conditions. Customized graphic layouts possible.

WEAD Wasserrutschen Technik Upgrade Photoshoot


captures the most beautiful moments. IP-protected camera without mechanical shutter for high durability. Images can be sent or deleted on the selection panel. Of course, according to current data protection requirements.

WEAD Wasserrutschen Technik Upgrade Multimedia


Integrates audio and lighting effects into the basic system. Provides a convenient graphical user interface for overall system monitoring. Evaluates the touchpoints and reacts according to the configuration.

WEAD Wasserrutschen Technik Upgrade Multi Lane


enables the operation of water slides with several parallel lanes. Operation can be either synchronous or independent via pushbuttons.

WEAD Wasserrutschen Technik Upgrade COUNTDOWN TRAFFIC-LIGHT


represents a traffic light system with 5 light elements. The display of the countdown is similar to drag-strip or Formula1.

Effects for the multimedia system

THEME SELECTION: easy selection of pre-installed theme worlds

TOUCH GATEWAY: connection of up to 20 touch points to the slide

DMX TOUCH POINTS: touch sensitive sensor and RGBW light show in one

STRIPLIGHT GATEWAY: easy connection of LED DMX lighting effects to the system

DMX STRIPLIGHTS: linear DMX RGBW Striplights controllable segment by segment

DMX STARLIGHTS: for point-shaped RGBW pixel effects

EXTERIOR FLOODLIGHTS: DMX capable RGBW floodlights for external illumination

AUDIO GATEWAY: audio output from the multimedia system

SURFACE SPEAKERS: Surface mountable speakers

TOUCH BUCKET: Mounting and service hatch for sensors, speakers and touchpoints