WEAD Light Engineers Referenz Pool

WEAD LIGHT ENGINEERS is a team of technicians and creative minds, who develop our products with a lot of experience from the first idea to the implementation. For example, many of our spotlights can be installed flush and without screws. Our ability for individual branding, gives you the opportunity to visibly place your logo.

Our portfolio includes products for high-quality plastic liner pools to stainless steel pools in large wellness facilities. Our technical know-how and innovative spirit is also evident in multimedia slide technology, which uses a variety of special light and sound effects.

WEAD Light Engineers 100 percent testing

Thermal simulations, stress tests and leak tests are standard. We also devote ourselves intensively to the topic of automated test systems for all stages in development and production. Multiple automated and recorded tests during the production process are the basic framework for our high quality standard.

The test equipment is mainly developed, manufactured and maintained in-house. We react dynamically to new requirements and solve them quickly and pragmatically. Through continuous exchange with our customers and suppliers, we are constantly refining our product portfolio.

Products from WEAD are characterized by Austrian design with corners, edges and wisdom. We design, develop and manufacture our products in-house. Due to the standardization of the components, you can solve almost any problem in the field with just a few spare parts.

If a problem is not easy to solve, you can reach competent contact persons at short notice to find a pragmatic solution together. Sales and engineering are available and always eager to answer inquiries at short notice. With WEAD’s product families it is possible to equip all projects with our lighting solutions with a manageable customer stock. In the entertainment for slides we rely on a modular system, these components are always the same and therefore easy to plan, store and also exchange in case of service.