Mounting Niche


For stainless steel basins

The MN575S1 spotlight pot is designed so that the matching spotlights can be installed flush in the stainless steel pool. First, the appropriate opening is cut out of the pool wall. The pot is then held against the wall from behind and welded to the inside edge. After that, 3 spacers are screwed in and the spotlight is attached to them.

For liner pools

Our spotlight pots are designed in such a way that the matching spotlights find their place level in the foil pool.
Before installation, the pool liner is cut out slightly larger than the aperture – a corresponding template is available. Then the supplied gasket is aligned between the pool liner and the installation pot.
The niche flange, to which small grub screws are welded, is now inserted into the holes of the niche and screwed from the inside.
For cutting out the fleece and screwing on the cover, specific accessories from WEAD can be used.